Our story.

Since 2005, I have been fixing phones, tablets, and computers. Over time the process of repairing these devices has become increasingly difficult. Major corporations are making it difficult to source parts, open their devices, and sometimes going as far self-destructing their devices upon repair.

iPhone with interiors exposed

Becoming more wary

At the same time, individuals are becoming more wary of opening their devices and therefore defaulting to replacing a phone instead of repairing it themselves. This behavior Incentivizes an anti-repair culture furthering the problem.

This project attempts to make you a little more curious about what’s going on behind your iPhone’s screen.

“What is this wire connected to?”, “How many screws are in this iPhone?”

If you are asking these types of questions then I feel like this project is a success. And if you happen to end up with a piece of art hanging on your wall then it’s a win-win in my book.

Ready to dust off your old device?

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